ACTION D.4: Monitoring of the ship locks improved management and the new fish passes.

Evaluate the limitations on improved ecological connectivity for fish at the lower Ebre River.

Execution dates: from 01-03-2016 to 30-06-2018

New radio transmitters and receivers at Ebre river

With the purchase of new ultrasound transmitters and receivers, LIFE Migratoebre team will mark more migratory fish specimen at Ebre river. With these receivers the reading will be easier as it can be connected with the transmitter device from the surface and to compilate data from marked specimen who have passed by upriver or downriver. […]

Tools for the migratory fish monitoring

During this Spring we will start monitoring migratory fish. They will be captured by electrofishing, and will be marked and released. These marks will be used to observe how do fish move along the different stretches of the river, specially where works have been made to improve river connectivity, that is to say, Ascó’s ramp, […]