European Comission visit

On the 21st and 22nd march 2017, European Comission visited us to see and value  LIFE MIGRATOEBRE project’s actions progress.

European Comission representative has been able to visit the sites where the fish passes will be done in Ebre river (Flix dam and Ascó and Xerta’s weir), the travelling exhibition about Ebre and LIFE Migratoebre in Móra d’Ebre,  IRTA’s facilities where european Sturgeons will be taken, Ecomuseu’s aquariums where the information boards about sturgeons and the project have been placed, and eventually has participated in an electrical fishing and fish marking showing.

And, after all, the Comission encourages us to ask for an extension of the project to be able to get the connectivity objective for the river and for migratory fish.