Chip reading antenna fixed and a new fish marking campaign planned

During the months of September and October 2021, the chip (PIT tags) reading antenna of the fish that pass through the fish ramp of the Ascó assumption (Ribera d’Ebre), which was designed and built within the framework of the Life MigratoEbre project, has been fixed. It was damaged during the 2020 downpours. It is back in operation since the beginning of November.
At the end of winter, a new campaign is planned to mark fish with chips (PIT tags) downstream of the Ascó weir, with the Ebro Delta Natural Park colleagues, to finish evaluating the effectiveness of the ramp for fish. However, during the works we have seen a large number of fish, of various sizes and species, such as the eel (see attached image).

The fish ramp in the Ascó weir was inaugurated on March 9, 2018. The weir is 170 meters long and about 2 meters high, and serves to capture water for the cooling of Ascó 1 and Ascó 2 nuclear power plants. Previously, at least with low and medium flows, the aweir was an insurmountable obstacle for most fish. The fish ramp, which now allows ecological connectivity at this point, apart from the descent of kayaks and canoes, has a minimum depth of 50 centimeters, a 3.5 percent slope, a total 50 meters length and a 10 meters width. It carries between 4 and 8 cubic meters per second. It includes a chip (PIT tags) reading antenna, to detect passing marked fish. The work on the ramp costed €93,000.00.