Fish Passage 2018 Conference attendance

From the 10th to 14th December 2018 takes place Fish Passage Conference at Albury (Australia), where people present and share knowledge and experiences related to fish passages management and to these migratory fish management all around the World. As part of LIFE Migratoebre project, the first results of fish movements tests with ultrasound telemetry at the […]

Exhibition at La Ràpita’s IRTA

IRTA Center of Sant Carles de La Rapita celebrated the Aquaculture Day on November 30th, and organized a technical conference and open doors day, where the traveling exhibition about  LIFE Migratorebre project and Ebre river was opened in its facilities. All the staff of the Center and visitors who attended the conference visited the exhibition. It […]

Information boards at Flix and Xerta

It is necessary to inform people about the actions LIFE Migratoebre project is carrying out at the river. Both actions visible and not visible, as they occurr under the water or out of sight. On this purpose we have designed some information boards explaining these actions and solutions given to the river and its migratpry […]

Eel marking at Ebre river

After data gathering and with anew location for the new river data receivers, this Autumn 2018, PNDE, IRTA and CERM technical experts have been working together in electrical fishing to capture, measure and mark adult eels and free them to track their movements in Ebre river. In addition, the effectiveness of the new fish passes […]

Sea lampreys at Ebro Delta?

LIFE Migratoebre experts are working during this month of September together with a research team from Santiago de Compostela University, leaded by Fernando Cobo, to check if there still are lamprey (fry) populations at the lower Ebre slope. A pilot project about reintroduction of this species at river Ebre will be written up with these results, […]

Monitoring of river receivers

From the 28th to 30th August 2018 specialised divers are working to recover all ultrasound receivers which were placed along the river and at Delta. With this job all receivers will be recovered and replaced by new ones which will allow data reading from the river surface with no need to handle them. With these […]

Exhibition at Pont de Suert

On the 31st July 2018 took place the opening of the travelling exhibition dealing with Ebre River and LIFE Migratoebre project at the Fauna Center in Pont de Suert. With free visit, it will be opened until middle October from 9:30h to 13:30h and from 16:00h to 19:30h. Sundays only in the morning. Mondays closed. In a […]

Opening of the fish ramp in Ascó

On friday 15 June 2018 formally took place the opening of the fish ramp built at Ascó’s dam. The works ended by 2017 and is actually fully working, allowing migratory fish crossing up and down Ebre river. It consists of some receivers which register the steps of the fish specimen that have been catched during […]

Little ones Fest

On Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st of July took place “Little Ones Fest” at MónNatura Delta. This year LIFE Migratoebre project has been present with the Ebre river migratory fish mock-ups; European sturgeon, European eel, twaite shad and sea lamprey, dissemination materials and the video about Ebre river to explain the project to the […]

At the 9th rowing descent down Ebre river

On a yearly bases IDECE organizes the rowing descent down Ebre river, and LIFE Migratoebre project has attended again this 9th edition to explain everyone the european sturgeon reintroduction project, the imrpovement of other migratory fish populations and the ecological connection at the lower stretch of Ebre river down to its mouth. More than 130 […]

World Fish Migration Day 2018

On the 18th, 20th and 21st April 2018, the partners of the project celebrated World Fish Migration Day with activities for Primary and Secondary School students and families at Manlleu with Ter Museum and CERM_U-Vic, at Deltebre with Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park and IRTA and at MónNatura Delta with Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera. Audiovisual talks, […]

Travelling exhibition at Museu del Ter

On the 8th March took place in Museu del Ter, Manlleu the opening of the exhibition about Ebre riber and LIFE migratoebre project. This is the first visit of the exhibition out of Ebro area, and it will help people know better about Ebre river lower stretch, its history, problems and about the actions that […]

Notice board at Ascó’s ramp

Once finished the fish ramp at Ascó’s weir, it becomes essential to give information about this work, its purpose and the aim’s that LIFE Migratoebre project wants to achieve with it. Fish species who live there will be able to use it to make the migratory movements which are necessary in their biology, and therefore […]

Eels radio tracking in Ebre river

Last 2017 November some electric fishing was done to catch and tag with radiotransmitters migratory fish, and in particular adult eels. About 60 specimen from this species have been caught and tagged, and will be used to track their movements along Ebre river and also to check how do they use all fish passes created […]