Migratoebre success at Amposta’s exhibition

On the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th december, 2015, took place the 55th Amposta Exhibition, where Migratoebre project was present with its Ebro’s Sturgeon and its friends Eel, Shad and Sea Lamprey. It was a success, causing great expectation amongst all visitors All of them congratulate us for the project and expect the best news […]

New dissemination materials

Already available two Roll-ups to support the disseminarion of Life Migratoebre project. One of them has a graphical description of the main issues of the project, while the other invites people to take part in the suggested activities, to disseminate the project through social networks and to inform of any watch of the target species.

Fish rescue at Ebro canals

Fish rescue at Ebro canals is a work that technicians from Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park do everytime that the lock-gates of the canals are closed and fish get stuck in them. These rescues allow the technicians to know the condition and evolution of the populations present at the canals, which are a reflection of […]

New poster about Ebro habitat

We already have the brand new poster Ebro fish habitat. Its ilustrator, Toni Llobet, created this new panoramic view where the target species of life Migratoebre project can be seen, swimming in the waters of Ebro river. In the background of the picture you can see of the main obstacles that the fish will be […]

At Mora la Nova exhibition

At 184th Mora la Nova exhibition the presence our stand with European sturgeon, European eel, Twaite shad and lamprey mock-ups has been a real success between children, adults and families all around the territory. This exhibition receives each year more than 50.000 visitors from Ebro Lands any Aragon.

Amposta’s annual town festivity

From 13th to 23st August 2015 Amposta annual festivity the town is recovering the tradition of decorating the streets of the town.  The main subject this year was Nature at Ebro lands, including the participation of the Sturgeon’s mock-up, as a future species of Ebro’s natural heritage. We congratulate them for the initiative.

At catalan sailboat league in Deltebre

On Sunday 2nd August 2015 we were present in Deltebre, where the 5th catalan sailboat league regatta was carried out. Just like in Flix, many rowing teams got interested in the Sturgeon reintroduction project in Ebro river and took pictures with its mockup.

At Catalan sailboat league in Flix

On Sunday 26th July 2015 we were present at one of the sport events at Ebre river with more impact all around Catalonia: The IV regatta of the catalan sailboats league in Flix. Many of the rowing teams, their families, friends and visitors got interested by the project thanks to the curiosity effect that produces […]

Visit of Migratoebre external monitor

On the 29th and 30th June, 2015, all LIFE Migratoebre project partners received the visit of Mr. José Álvarez, who will be the external monitoring guide for the project will help all partners develop properly all action until 2018!

Participation at Fish Passage Conference 2015

Fish Passage Conference 2015 has been held in Gröningen (Holland) from the 22nd to 24th june 2015 http://fishpassage.umass.edu/ with a participation of more than 500 world experts. Life Migratoebre has been introduced at the conference with a very warm wellcome.

New educational flyer

LIFE Migratoebre project has now available an educational flyer that clearly summarises in which Ebro sites the project is going to act, what actions are going to be implemented and whhich are the targeted migratory fish species.

Amazing European Sturgeon mockup

One of the materials for LIFE Migratoebre project dissemination is a real size mockup (3,20m) of a female European Sturgeon produced by the sculptor Paco Ventura www.pacoventura.es

7th Steering Commitee

On Tuesday 26th of May, 2015, all project partners met at IDECE’s head office on behalf of the 7th Steering Commitee, in order to do the pending actions monitoring and coordination.

Eel in the Meander of Flix

On Thursday 9th, April, 2015, students of Domènech Guzman school from Tarragona found a young eel while they were doing an educative activity about invertebrates in de Sebes and Flix Meander Learning Camp with Grup Natura Freixe. Because of its size and pigmentation, this specimen could have swum upstream through Xerta and Ascó dams last […]

Visit to European Sturgeon Breeding Center in France

The different Life MIGRATOEBRE partners visited last 26th, March, 2015 the facilities IRSTEA has in Saint Seurin-sur-l’Isle (Gironde) and that is dedicated to the reproduction of the European Sturgeon (Acipenser sturio), managed by MIGADO association who is in charge of the project. A very useful visit during which some cooperation agreements came up with the […]

Agreement with Museu de les Terres de l’Ebre

La Fundació Catalunya-la Pedrera signed an agreement with Museu de les Terres de l’Ebre within Life MIGRATOEBRE project framework to order a travelling Exhibition about fish and the lower stretch of Ebre River. Hopefully the exhibition will be ready in spring 2016 and so the activities with students of the municipalities of the Ebro where […]

Agreement with the Grup Natura Freixe

Fundació Catalunya-la Pedrera signed an agreement with Grup Natura Freixe within Life MIGRATOEBRE project framework, to order the creation of the Ebro Voluntary Network of the Ebro. Grup Natura Freixe will introduce the project to the population of the Ebro, being present at Fairs, Celebrations and events in Ebro River.

Agreement with Fundación Biodiversidad

Fundación Biodiversidad grants an economic help of 39.317’50 € as joint financing for  Life MIGRATOEBRE project. This help will allow the management plan of the project preparation, compilation of Ebro fish data, production of technical environmental prescripcions for the new fish pass devices, coordination of the Advisory Board and the developement of evaluation methodologies.