ACTION F.1: Project Management by IDECE

Development of the project’s methodology to be used by the coordinator and all partners, leaded by IDECE.

Execution dates: from 01-07-2014 to 30-06-2018

European Comission visit

On the 21st and 22nd march 2017, European Comission visited us to see and value  LIFE MIGRATOEBRE project’s actions progress. European Comission representative has been able to visit the sites where the fish passes will be done in Ebre river (Flix dam and Ascó and Xerta’s weir), the travelling exhibition about Ebre and LIFE Migratoebre in […]

Visit to a navigation lock and fish pass in France

Last February 15th, 2017, a LIFE Migratoebre project group visited the facilities of the navigation lock, fish slope and pass that Roine river has in  Montelimar (France). With this visit they took examples and experiences of the running of this kind of fish passes and their applicability in Ebre river.

Advisory Scientific Board 3rd visit

On the 24th January 2017 took place the 3rd meeting of the LIFE Migratoebre Advisory Scientific Board, where the results of the works in actions A1  on s’han presentat els resultats dels treballs de les accions A1 (Identification of potential spawning areas for sturgeon, twaite shad and sea lamprey), D2 (Monitoring the target fish population of […]

Visit of LIFE Migratoebre external monitor

On the 19th and 20th July, 2016, Mr. José Álvarez, the project’s external monitor, visited us. With him we have reviewd all actions till now. He has instructed us on how to focus new actions and he has been able to visit the Exhibition on Ebre river and LIFE Migratoebre project at the Museu de […]

Visit of Migratoebre external monitor

On the 29th and 30th June, 2015, all LIFE Migratoebre project partners received the visit of Mr. José Álvarez, who will be the external monitoring guide for the project will help all partners develop properly all action until 2018!

7th Steering Commitee

On Tuesday 26th of May, 2015, all project partners met at IDECE’s head office on behalf of the 7th Steering Commitee, in order to do the pending actions monitoring and coordination.