ACTION E.2: Notice boards

Several on-site panels displayed at strategic places accessible to the public.

Execution dates: from 01-04-2016 to 30-06-2016

Information boards at Flix and Xerta

It is necessary to inform people about the actions LIFE Migratoebre project is carrying out at the river. Both actions visible and not visible, as they occurr under the water or out of sight. On this purpose we have designed some information boards explaining these actions and solutions given to the river and its migratpry […]

Notice board at Ascó’s ramp

Once finished the fish ramp at Ascó’s weir, it becomes essential to give information about this work, its purpose and the aim’s that LIFE Migratoebre project wants to achieve with it. Fish species who live there will be able to use it to make the migratory movements which are necessary in their biology, and therefore […]