ACTION C.1: Implementation of connectivity improved measures for the targeted migratory fish species

Execution of a fish friendly improved management by the ship locks at the Xerta’s weir and the Flix dam, installation of a new fish lift at the Xerta’s weir and a fish ramp at the Ascó’s Weir.

Execution dates: from 01-07-2015 to 31-12-2016

Opening of the fish ramp in Ascó

On friday 15 June 2018 formally took place the opening of the fish ramp built at Ascó’s dam. The works ended by 2017 and is actually fully working, allowing migratory fish crossing up and down Ebre river. It consists of some receivers which register the steps of the fish specimen that have been catched during […]

Fish ramp at Ascó

One of the most expected works to allow fish migration, Ebro’s ecological connectivity and also to allow kayak and canoe navigation is the ramp at Asco’s weir. Eventually last summer the works started, and in few days the final result could be foreseen.  It is expected to be operational by the ends of summer!

Advisory Scientific Board second visit

The second visit of the LIFE MIGRATOEBRE Advisory Scientific Board during the 20th and 21st, April, 2015 has been useful to know in detail the engineering projects for migratory fish passes, besides visiting the potential spaces where to take in, release and exhibit the Sturgeon units in the Ebro.  

Agreement with Fundación Biodiversidad

Fundación Biodiversidad grants an economic help of 39.317’50 € as joint financing for  Life MIGRATOEBRE project. This help will allow the management plan of the project preparation, compilation of Ebro fish data, production of technical environmental prescripcions for the new fish pass devices, coordination of the Advisory Board and the developement of evaluation methodologies.