ACTION A.1: Identification of potential spawning areas for sturgeon, twaite shad and sea lamprey.

Bibliographic analysis of the literature on the spawning grounds for the three species considered that spawn in the river and then, look for potential spawning sites in the river according to the mapping of habitats that already exists for the area of study.

Execution dates: from 01-07-2014 to 30-06-2015

Ebro river spawning areas cartography

Cartopgraphy of potential spawning areas for sturgeon, sea lamprey and twaite shad in Ebro stretch between Xerta weir and Flix is ready. Teh result is more than satisfactory as many optimal points for these species spawning have been identified. This gives us many success guarantees regarding the sturgeon reintroduction in Ebro river, the fish passes […]

Research for sturgeon spawning areas at Ebro river

Start of samplings in the river to see the main and potential spawning areas for Sturgeon and Sea Lamprey. From these samplings will come up a map with the location of these points that will be used to do monitorings of these fish.

Advisory Scientific Board second visit

The second visit of the LIFE MIGRATOEBRE Advisory Scientific Board during the 20th and 21st, April, 2015 has been useful to know in detail the engineering projects for migratory fish passes, besides visiting the potential spaces where to take in, release and exhibit the Sturgeon units in the Ebro.  

Agreement with Fundación Biodiversidad

Fundación Biodiversidad grants an economic help of 39.317’50 € as joint financing for  Life MIGRATOEBRE project. This help will allow the management plan of the project preparation, compilation of Ebro fish data, production of technical environmental prescripcions for the new fish pass devices, coordination of the Advisory Board and the developement of evaluation methodologies.